The summer heat clings to everything and makes the sky sharp with sun.

Silence always answers if I try to say a thing.

It doesn't matter who I love, I'm always here alone,

In pain, in joy, in anguish, all from this little isolated place.

I miss the older days, the time of talking and routine and snow.

That place I'll never go back to; where I was grateful to have known

The friends I have forgotten and the environment of love.

But I should be happy, and keep going.

I don't know how much this mind can endure,

But when I was still a child,

If I had given up back then, things would have been halted then and there.

I would never know the happiness I'm lucky to feel sometimes.

Life moves in all directions, like dye shot into water.

Things are only just beginning.

Relax, and sleep for the night; enjoy what peace there is.

Imagine she is with you, and think about tomorrow.


Written by CassistRabbit