06:08, July 8, 20

So, here's the back story: my brother helped me move to my mom's house in a town called Geneva, Iowa about two weeks ago. That day, his girlfriend met him there to live with us. Until very recently, the three of us have been living in that house as a stable unit. The reunion of my brother and his girlfriend took place after a month of space they gave each other. The two of them have a history of fighting. Before today, though, it came to shouting at the very worst. 

This afternoon, I walked downstairs to find them at each others' throats. Shrugging it off, I waited it out upstairs until I heard something break. To my surprise, it was her; having knocked over and broken things, she was enraged as she beat my brother with all of her energy. I'd never seen her like this before; anger is an issue for her, but she had never been this violent in front of me before today.

From the shouting, I learned that the argument was about me.

Apparently, her feelings about me had been pent up for my entire stay. Not that she had particularly cared for me before, but this was veritably insane. According to her, my very mannerisms had infuriated her because she found them strange; my voice, my (inoffensive) sense of humor, my attention to detail... it had all been making her boil until today. For mine and my brother's safety, I had to leave because she couldn't remain calm in my presence.

Now, back to the discussion topic: what does Tomino's Hell have to do with any of this?

As some of you may know, it's a Japanese poem that carries with it a purported curse. The author, having written it in 1919, said that "tragic things will happen" if you read it out loud. While I am a Christian, I'm generally pretty skeptical about "curses" and the like. I've never thought they had any substance to them, save the ones with verifiable demonic origins.

Last night, my brother, his girlfriend, and I read the poem aloud; she read the English (albeit very quickly due to thinking the idea was a waste of time), and I read the roman alphabetized Japanese. We did it for kicks, and I must admit that the idea was mine. The two of them had messed with Ouija Boards before, so I knew neither of them feared playing with spiritual fire. 

I wouldn't link these two things together, except that it made one of the readers (her) go into a violent, hate-fueled rage against the other (me) and someone close to her. As I write this from a hotel room, I am uncertain about the coming days and weeks. Did the poem have a hand in today's conflict? That's anyone's guess. I'm becoming more reliant on my faith out of caution, but will make other threads concerning my experience with this if anything serious happens in the future.

06:01, July 9, 2014

Everything was normal, save two slightly out-of-place elements; though yesterday's conflict was resolved, a grim fate was nearly avoided today. The three of us [my house's residents] went river tubing with a group of friends. The trip went normally, so we did it again for fun. The second time around, though, my brother's girlfriend slipped from her raft while trying to get out. A cord connecting all of our rafts entangled itself around her as this happened, the current strangling her against the rope as it doomed her to drown under the pile of inflatables. Too busy helping another girl to shore myself, I watched as my brother saved his significant other from a swift end.

Did her quick and inattentive recital of the poem prolong or intensify the curse's affects for her? 

Note: Her and I are on good terms and I'm back at the house for the rest of my stay. She claimed that she "doesn't know what took over her" when she said those things, that she was a "completely different person." My brother and I agree.


Credit to Dubiousdugnong