Note: This is a draft. It's not complete and will be finished in due time. It's also slightly NSFW.

Premise: After committing suicide, seventeen-year-old Serena is revived as a mechanical and unkillable Tailband by the deity Valkrie, but is shocked when the deity asks her to start killing other humans that also want to become Tailbands.


Serena tried to let her breathing slow. Her door was closed, and much of her floor was silent. Sean would be asleep at this hour, but even if she were to be discovered, Serena doubted that he would be able to impact her intended desire.

She had been thinking of this almost as soon as her and Sean had started to realize the intensity of their desires for each other. Trying to hide their romance was more impossible than difficult, and it had been clear from the questioning glance from Cordelia she had received yesterday that she was suspicious. And Valkrie only knew what chaos would ensue if anyone knew that the pair liked each other.

Turning her thoughts back to the present time, Serena unsheathed the pocketknife's blade and cut a small line in the top of her outer wrist. The pain came immediately, and it was followed by a bloom of scarlet blood. Serena bit her lips, but made no noise, almost reassured that the blade was sharp enough to do the job easily.

“Seventeen years I’ve spent here.” she spoke to herself, her voice low, but loud in the silent room. “Not a single one of them was fucking worth it... Vivienne had the right idea. I'm out of here now...”

Silence followed this short speech. Serena’s legs she realized, were vibrating. To her further confusion, her grip on the blade seemed to be slackening. But she couldn’t back out of this now. This was how things were supposed to be for her. Not moving anything other than her arm, the quivering girl replaced the metal at her inner wrist and made a single, deep cut, breaking the flesh and piercing a vital vein in the arm.

It took perhaps a few seconds for the wound to bleed. But Serena gasped as thick red began to spurt out of the wound, and then the agony hit her. Her breathing faltered to ragged moans, and she lost her balance on the bed and crumpled to the hard floor. Redness spread from her arm so quickly that it stained her black hair.

“…G-god… Serena choked out, shaking so hard that her teeth chattered together. The pain in her arm was like someone had torn all of the skin off it. More guttural phrases escaped her mouth as she bled, feeling a jolt of nausea in her stomach at the intensity of the pain. Her movements were spastic and weak, fear making every part of her body shake and sweat bead off her face.

Barely believing the magnitude of her own suffering, Serena lifted her face and mutely begged at the ceiling for an end. Though she spoke the names of Sean, Corrie and Rain and her voice was audible, none of her friends arrived even as her vision began to blur. Her sliced arm lay limp inches from her face, but all Serena could focus on was wrestling air into her lungs through her incessant moaning.

After perhaps a few minutes,she had become silent. Her brown eyes were now shut. The majority of the blood that had been in her body was now spilled in a puddle around her. No motion was detectable in her thin, bloodied body as someone wrenched her door open and crawled inside.

"Urgh..." Bandit moaned, flattening his ears in distress. He padded toward her face and pressed his paw into her neck. The body was warm, but Serena's heart had stopped; and even if she was still alive, the blood loss left her life unsalvageable. He could solve this problem, but first, he needed to fetch Valkrie.

With his teeth buried in her flesh, Bandit grasped Serena's shoulder and dragged her underneath her large bed, spilling a great smear of blood in the process. Pulling the blanket down to hide the body, he charged down the hall a few doors and used several towels to crudely dry the wooden floor of blood. No one could know that Serena was dead now, or his plan would be scrapped. When the blood had all been dried, Bandit threw the blood-soaked rag into the closet and again ran out of the room, praying that Valkrie hadn't left for anywhere else.

It was a good thing Bandit's body was sturdy, because he descended much of the Band house's stairwell by a few long jumps. He rounded a corner and pushed his way into Valkrie's room with great haste.

"Valkrie, Serena's dead." Bandit wasted no time in informing the startled Tailband. She turned to face him with a look that combined surprise and curiosity.

"Dead? Just now?"

"Yes. I'm almost certain it was suicide." Bandit answered promptly. "But we have to hurry. I don't want anyone to find her."

Valkrie didn't need telling twice. She followed Bandit silently as he clumsily ascended the stairways in his haste, nearly tripping over his own tail and requiring her to catch him. Quickly the pair reached the room, and as Valkrie ensured no one was approaching, Bandit entered the room and pulled Serena free of her shelter.

"Okay, come on." Bandit urged, stepping back to let Valkrie approach the lifeless girl. She stood up on her hind paws and placed her front ones on Serena's thin side, feeling the ribcage through her garment. At once, warmth seemed to spread from her sheathed claws and flow into Serena's lifeless body. Bandit hung back a few feet away, ears pricked in case anyone should approach the room.

Valkrie held her paws on the body for only a few moments. Bandit was baffled at first as how there had been no obvious change, but he had little time to wonder that.